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  • Andy's Biscuit Sandwich

    Try our light and fluffy, freshly cooked biscuit with your choice of savory hickory smoked bacon, a tender and delicious mildly seasoned sausage patty, tender, delectable sliced Ham, a heavenly and perfectly prepared chicken-fried beef steak, or our healthy and nutritious, mouthwatering chicken.

  • Andy's Hot Cakes

    Our tasty hot cakes are cooked fresh when you order and comes with butter and sweet dark syrup. Try our hot cakes alone, or add your choice of hickory smoked bacon, mildly seasoned sausage patties, a delicious slice of ham, country fried beef steak or chicken. Pair our hot cakes with Andy's Full Breakfast for the ultimate in a filling, nutritious, and delicious breakfast that will get you ready to take on the day!

  • Andy's Hot Cake Breakfast

    Features 2 fluffy fresh cooked hot cakes with butter and sweet dark syrup, 2 fresh grade AA eggs cooked to order, and your choice of meat, which include, mildly seasoned all pork sausage patty, 3 strips of high quality smoked bacon, generous portion of shaved center cut ham, country fried beef steak topped with sausage gravy, or breaded chicken patty.

  • Andy's Breakfast Biscuit

    A large fresh cooked biscuit filled with your choice of meat, 1 fresh grade AA scrambled egg, and one slice of American cheese.

  • Andy's Breakfast Wrap

    2 eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, ham, country fried beef steak or chicken, all in a healthy and delicious warm tomato-basil tortilla wrap. Give Andy's awesome breakfast wrap a try!

  • Andy's Full Breakfast

    Features 2 fresh grade AA eggs cooked to order, a freshly cooked, large, golden brown biscuit, a crispy fried hash brown, and your choice of meat, which include, mildly seasoned all pork sausage patty, 3 strips of high quality smoked bacon, generous portion of shaved center cut ham, country fried beef steak topped with sausage gravy, or a fresh cooked breaded chicken patty, complimented by our breakfast bar offering a variety of jelly, preserves, marmalade, honey, and syrup to top it off.

  • Andy's Breakfast Sides

    These tasty sides are a great addition to any of Andy's amazing breakfasts, and perfect on their own:
    - Plain Biscuit
    - Biscuit with Gravy
    - Hash Brown Potato Cake
    - French Toast Sticks
    Your choice of savory proteins:
    Succulent, perfectly cooked hickory smoked bacon, delicious mildly seasoned sausage, thinly sliced, tender and delicious ham, perfectly seasoned, tender and flavorful chicken-fried steak, moist and delectable chicken.

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  • Andy's Barbecue Baked Beans

    Andy's slow-cooked barbecue baked beans are full of flavor, and the perfect accompaniment to any meal! With a deep, rich, smoky barbecue flavor, our barbecue baked beans are made with our own fresh, deeply flavorful Hickory smoked pulled pork barbecue. The addition of Andy's delicious pulled pork, along with our own mix of seasonings, and the carefully-tended slow-cooking process infuses our barbecue baked beans with a mouth-watering flavor that will keep you coming back for more!

  • Andy's French Fries

    A perfect pairing! Try Andy's hot and fresh french fries with your favorite menu item for a well-rounded meal. Or try an order of our awesomely-delicious bacon and cheese french fries smothered in rich and velvety cheese and topped with fresh Hickory smoked bacon Bits! Stop in today at the Andy's restaurant nearest you and try the BEST french fries in Arkansas!

  • Andy's Jalapeño Hushpuppies

    Light, crispy, and full of flavor! Andy's Hushpuppies are a great addition to our incredible fish dinner, or as a tasty pairing with any menu item of your choosing.

  • Andy's Slaw

    Fresh, tangy, and delicious! Our homemade coleslaw features only the freshest ingredients. Try some today with our amazing hickory smoked pulled pork barbecue sandwich, or as a refreshing accompaniment with our terrific fish dinner.

  • Andy's Onion Rings

    Natural onion rings cut thick from jumbo fancy sweet Spanish onions, battered and fried to a light and crispy golden brown. Perfect as a side, appetizer or snack!

  • Andy's Fried Okra

    Fresh cut okra, heavily breaded with a mix of flour and savory seasonings and fried to perfection. Perfect as a side, appetizer or snack!

  • Andy's Potato Salad

    Our Southern style potato salad recipe includes tender chunks of Idaho Russett potatoes combined with tangy, sweet, mustard dressing with fresh celery, onion and diced red peppers. It's the perfect side dish.

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Dessert Menu

  • Andy's Cinnamon Roll

    A fresh baked soft, tender dough wrapped around a rich, gooey cinnamon filling and topped with a sweet glazed icing. The perfect dessert or pairing to our bottomless cup of our fresh Brewed Eight O'clock Coffee.

  • Ice Cream Cup

    Andy's offers our soft-serve ice cream in chocolate or vanilla. Rich, cooling, and delightful, Andy's ice cream is the perfect summer-time treat! Beat the heat and stop by your nearest Andy's and get a cup or cone of your favorite flavor today.

  • Andy's Fruit Cobbler

    Oh, so good! Andy's offers fresh baked cobbler in peach, blackberry and apple with a wonderfully light and flaky crust. Flavors vary daily and by location. Try a slice today!

  • Ice Cream Cake Cone

    These are the light, crunchy, sturdy ice cream cones you remember from your childhood, and Andy's has 'em! Get a regular cone filled with your choice of chocolate or vanilla soft-serve ice cream. Stop in today and try a Regular Cone with your favorite flavor of ice cream today!

  • Ice Cream Waffle Cone

    Try Andy's chocolate or vanilla soft-serve ice cream in a thin and crunchy waffle cone today! Light, rich, and delicious, an Andy's waffle cone is a great way to beat the heat this summer! Come on by and try a waffle cone with your favorite flavor of ice cream today!

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Lunch & Dinner

  • Andy's Burger

    Try an original Andy's Burger today! A single beef patty, with or without cheese and stacked high with your choice of toppings and condiments. Seasoned with Andy's special recipe of spices, our burgers are grilled to order and served on a warm and moist, or perfectly toasted bun. Dress up your burger with your choice of condiments: Mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle, fresh cut onions, garden ripe tomatoes, crispy iceberg lettuce and mustard. You can also add jalapeño peppers, American cheese, and our delicious hickory smoked bacon. Andy's famous burgers are made with fresh, never frozen, domestic Only Black Angus ground beef, processed and delivered twice a week by our local supplier to ensure only the best quality for you.
    Try a Junior (1/10 pound), Andy Single (1/4 pound), Double (1/2 pound), or go all out with a Grand Andy Burger (3/4 pound) burger today!

  • BBQ Pork Sandwich

    Try our Hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich, made with Andy's Signature Rub today! Our tender, delicious barbecue is seasoned, marinated and then smoked for at least 16 hours. We then top this amazing sandwich with your choice of our signature BBQ sauce or hot BBQ sauce, and our awesome coleslaw. Stop by and try Andy's Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich today!

  • Chicken Sandwich

    Andy's Chicken Sandwich features a grilled or battered and perfectly fried boneless, skinless all white meat chicken breast, served on a fresh or toasted bun with all the trimmings. Try our chicken sandwich with your favorite side item today!

  • Ham & Cheese Sandwich

    Andy's fully cooked, shaved, boneless pit ham is smoked and cured with a mix of salt and sugar. Our light and delicious ham & cheese sandwich is a treat you don't want to miss. Stop by for lunch today, or add some of our delectable, flavor-packed ham with your next full breakfast!

  • Southern Fried Fish Sandwich

    A fresh, delicious, exquisitely fried fillet of catfish on a fresh bun, served with lettuce and tartar sauce. Paired with your choice of sides, including our light and crispy hushpuppies -- who could ask for anything more? Come by today and try our amazing fish sandwich!

  • Turkey Sandwich

    Fully cooked, shaved, tender and delicious turkey is the foundation for Andy's amazing turkey sandwich. Healthy and nutritious, our turkey sandwich is a perfect summertime luncheon option. Join us for lunch today!

  • Turkey Club Sandwich

    Andy's Turkey Club Sandwich features our fully cooked, shaved, moist and tender Turkey. Then it's piled high with all the trimmings that make a truly great club sandwich -- our hickory smoked bacon, fresh, crisp lettuce, ripe, delicious tomatoes, and tangy mayonnaise. Try Andy's Club Sandwich today!

  • Andy's BLT Wrap

    Andy's BLT Wrap features our thick-cut, mouth-watering hickory smoked bacon, fried to delicate perfection, along with fresh, crisp lettuce, and beautiful vine-ripened Arkansas tomatoes (when in season). Wrapped in a fresh, warm, tomato-basil tortilla, our BLT Wrap is a taste of heaven! Stop by today and give Andy's BLT Wrap a try!

  • Chicken Ranch Wrap

    Andy's Chicken Ranch Wrap is made with your choice of tender, moist, and mouth-watering grilled or fried all white-meat boneless and skinless chicken breast. All of our wraps are served in a warm tomato-basil tortilla. For a filling and healthy meal, stop by and try a delicious chicken & ranch wrap today!

  • Andy's Chicken Nuggets

    Our light and amazing chicken nuggets are made from tempura battered juicy and tender rib meat. Served to you freshly fried and piping hot, these golden beauties will keep you coming back for more! We offer the following flavor-filled sauces to accompany our delicious chicken nuggets: Buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce, ranch, honey, sweet and sour sauce, and honey mustard sauce. Stop by your favorite Andy's location today and try a 6 piece, 10 piece, or a 20 piece order of our amazing chicken nuggets!

  • Andy's Chili

    Featuring lean beef and pork, Mexican beans, and Andy's special mild seasoning, our delicious southern-style chili is made fresh daily. Try our regular mild, full-of-flavor chili, or spice it up with your favorite hot sauces. You can choose from a wide selection of toppings to properly finish out your chili masterpiece. Andy's warm, rich, flavorful chili is available in a variety of sizes to satisfy your hunger. Try Andy's Chili today!

  • Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork Dinner

    Try our Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork Dinner today! This amazing meal is made with Andy's tender, delicious, barbecue pork that has been seasoned and marinated with Andy's Signature Rub, then smoked for at least 16 hours. Get Andy's Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork Dinner with a generous portion of pulled pork or as a sandwich, topped with our awesome coleslaw and your choice of our signature BBQ sauce or hot & spicy BBQ sauce. Our fantastic dinners are served with your choice of two side items, which include, potato salad, BBQ baked beans, fried okra, onion rings, or french fries. Treat yourself to some of the best Barbecue in Arkansas and try Andy's Pulled Pork Barbecue Dinner today!

  • Southern Fried Fish Dinner

    Andy's sumptuous Southern fried fish dinner features mild and tender fillets, seasoned with Andy's special seasoned cornmeal breading and fried to a golden perfection. Our filling and delicious dinners are served with your choice of two side items, which include, potato salad, BBQ baked beans, fried okra, onion rings, or french fries. Why go to the trouble of fixing dinner for your family at home? Come by and enjoy a delicious and healthy Southern fried fish dinner from Andy's today!

  • Andy's Baked Potato

    Try Andy's Baked Potato today and build your perfectly loaded baked potato with a huge selection of fresh and delicious toppings, prepared just for you every day! Come on by and check out our stunning selection of available toppings for our fresh baked potatoes. Or go all-out with our pork and potato, featuring our famous Hickory smoked pulled-pork barbecue! At Andy's we are eager to serve you -- stop by today for an awesome perfect baked potato! A freshly baked potato that can be stuffed with a number of toppings (including whipped margarine, real sour cream, chives, broccoli, onion crunches, bacon bits, heated cheese sauce and black pepper).

  • Andy's Garden Fresh Salads

    Andy's amazing salads are carefully prepared for you each and every day! Stop in today and try a Garden Salad, a smaller size and the perfect side to any meal, or a large salad featuring fresh chopped Iceberg lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, pickled okra, eggs and shredded Mild chedder cheese. You can add meat to the large salad also with your choice of proteins: Choose from , grilled or fried chicken, turkey, or ham. For a salad with some extra pizzazz, try adding our tender, tasty Hickory smoked barbecue, southern fried fish, one of our fresh, never frozen Black Angus ground beef burgers, or our six piece chicken nuggets! Stop in today and try our amazing salads for yourself. You'll be glad you did!